Friday, 3 October 2014

The OzSkas

Introducing the OzSkas debut cd, featuring members of the Allniters, the Funaddicts, Eager 13 and the Bedlam Beggars.

Backy Skank - Bathurst 1996

1.Standing in the Rain
2.Monkey Man
3.Deceives the Eye
4.The Prince
6.Rude Boys Outta Jail
7.Montego Bay
8.On the Beat Pete
9.These Boots
12.Uncle Sam

Sloppy Ska Experiments

1.Eastern Standard Time
2.Feeling Fine
4.You're Wondering Now
5.Big Five

The Bedlam Beggars - Live

1.Sweet Talkin' Girl
2.Young Love
3.Boot Girl
5.Just Can't Get It
6.Soundtrack to Denial
7.Under Pressure
8.Ain't Nowhere to Go

The Allniters - First Demo Tape

1. 5446
2.Solomon Gundie
3.The Israelites
4.These Boots
5.Woolly Bully
6.Chatty Chatty
7.Allniters are Allriters
8.What Gives You the Right ?
9.Do the Dog
10.Police and Thieves
11.She Made a Monkey Out of Me
12.Ring Dang Doo
13.Rude Dude
14.Skinhead Girl

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bad Manners Back in Sydney Tonight !

Sydney is being spoilt with a host of great ska and reggae performers returning to our shores - several times within the space of a year even ! Bad Manners play at the Metro in Sydney tonight - check here for details.

Here is a recording of a set during their last Lipping Up of Sydney - at the Annandale Hotel in June last year.

See you at the Metro Tonight !